[Transcript] 130528 SUKIRA (KTR) with Ryeowook DJ and Henry

Wook: Henry-ssi is coming to Sukira today! I am very happy 😀 D

Ryeowook: Hello Henry teacher~
Henry: Hello~
Ryeowook: Why are you dressed so well today?
Henry: you are dressed well today too~

“Goodnight Pops Skit”-

Today’s phrase “It’s my first time hearing this”

(this is the skit translation)
Ryeowook: Henry, did you hear??
Henry: what?
Ryeowook: Should I tell you…?
Henry: what what?
Ryeowook: Your first love, “Sandy” is getting married next month
Henry: what?! This is my first time hearing about this!
Ryeowook: And she’s getting married to Super Junior’s Donghae sunbae!
Henry: What? To that playboy? I have to go see her!
Ryeowook: Why would you go see her?
Henry: I won’t be able to meet her after she gets married right? So I will go see her!
Ryeowook: No no, just forget her and go to a club with me~
(end of skit)

Ryeowook “Henry is getting a little skinny these days…”
Henry taking a picture with Kim YoungHee at Sukira

-Ryeowook said when he was on a diet, he went online & searched for healthy food, including sweet potatoes. He said he memorized all kinds of sweet potatoes then.

Ryeowook: I have all kinds of machines too. I have a (food) drying machine, popcorn machine, juice maker, etc.. I think It was because I got addicted to buying things (for cooking).

Guest: it’s what usually mothers buy, not what men buy

Ryeowook: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Guests called Ryeowook as”Big Mama cook”Wook then said he also has a machine to make a squid shaped bread.Guests said he surpassed Big Mama.

Ryeowook said when he was young, he was a class president for the first semester, but they changed class president in second semester because he was very strict ㅋㅋ

It was in 1st grade in Highschool(10th grade).Wook cried in front of everyone when he lost his place as the Class President

Ryeowook: There are times I blank out… and a member would always ask me “Ryeowook, are you okay? Are you okay?” We even fought over this once. I am okay, and just blanking out, but a member would bother me, asking if I’m okay. I would be just thinking or blanking out.


source : Nksubs ‏@NKSubs..for the pics credit to the owner.


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