Son Ho Young attempts to commit suicide


Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+1,611, -160] (TN: song lyrics) Lean on me when you’re tired, I’ll always be by your side, so that you don’t feel alone, I’ll hold your hand

2. [+686, -109] What do you think you’re doing? No matter how difficult it is for you right now, you’re living and you should continue living. You have to live. Even if she was your everything, it doesn’t matter what happened between you two. You should live for her. What are you doing?

3. [+381, -36] What is going on….

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+4,149, -139] Even Go Young Wook is still persistently alive. Why would you want to die?

2. [+4,050, -264] To all of the haters egging him on to die, I hope that karma bites your family

3. [+3,284, -112] Why would anyone leave him alone? What are the people around him doing? Didn’t they know that he could’ve been thinking these things? He doesn’t even have family to lean on right now…

4. [+3,253, -132] In the initial articles about his girlfriend’s death, so many haters commented calling him the murderer… and now that his suicide failed, they’re saying it was all a show and that he’s pathetic. Too bad you guys are the actual ones that are pathetic.

5. [+2,527, -68] No matter what his intentions were with this suicide, the body will instinctively move away when it’s being burned. People are so harsh… you want him to succeed next time? Right back at you…


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