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130524 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [Transcript]

Heenim: I only have 99 days left (in army)? I haven’t even reached 99 days with any girlfriend before.

Listener: Kyu oppa said that you should go to ‘Real Man’. Do you want to go back to Radio Star?
Heenim: I shouldn’t go back. I don’t have thoughts of going back to where I used to be. Moreover, now our Kyuhyun sshi is doing well there. I didn’t think of going back. I should do other variety.

Listener: What do you do when you are angry?
Heenim: When I was younger, I throw things when I’m unable to control my temper. After I’m done, the people who stay with me, Kibum, Hankyung, Jay, will come and ask if I’m okay then 4 of us will clean up the mess together.

Heenim: I often hear this from people, “Kim Heechul is not like an artiste. He’s the same on stage and in real live.” When I first debuted, I hear a lot of people saying things like I’m weird, I’ve no manner, etc. But after a few years, they realise that even with my personality, I don’t create trouble.

Heenim: Everyone, I’ve already said this many times. I’m still unsure of my plans to join Super Show 5. So I can’t make any promise now.

Listener: Oppa, where are you going to stay after getting married? In dorm? Or with your parents? Have you discussed this with your members?
Heenim: It’ll be daebak if I stay in dorm after getting married. Hahahahaha. Nowadays, people don’t stay with their parents that much anymore right? Hmm, where should I stay?

Listener: When is the turning point in your life?
Heenim: My first turning point was in 2006, when I meet with an accident. After debuting, I kept moving forward, without resting at all. After the accident, I thought a lot about myself. Is it because I’ve been running forward too much?
My second turning point was 5 years ago when I was performing in US. During the concert, I received a call that my grandfather is feeling unwell, so I came back to Korea immediately. But my grandfather already passed away when I arrived, so I really regretted it. At that time, I really cry a lot. I feel like I really became an adult at that time. That was when I stopped smashing things around me. Hahaha.

Listener: Teuk oppa kissed Kang Sora during the last episode of WGM.
Heenim: …. Really?!

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