[130523/INTERVIEW] YES Magazine Issue 1158

As a leader of a group, it is often that the leader has more stress than the rest of the members. Just like Kris, the leader of the popular boyband EXO-M, has been worrying about the group’s comeback to be held at the end of May! Kris not only has to take care of the members’ daily practice sessions, he also has to worry about the promotions, be it small or big! Besides making sure that his work is more than 100% perfect, Kris is also known for being a filial son, he calls his parents almost everyday to tell them how he’s doing, and also wants to buy a big house for them! Not only this, Kris has also given the decision of his marriage plans to his parents, even if his parents want him to marry now, he will agree to it! Capable and filial, where do you find such a perfect person?

Recent condition:

Q1: What is your recent work?

A1: We are currently preparing for our comeback album XOXO (Kiss&Hug) promotions.

Q2: The most recent big event that you have attended?

A2: Dream Concert

Q3: Recent target?

A3: To promote our album well, and must be even better than last year’s promotions.

Q4: Recent worry?

A4: The small and big things regarding the comeback

Q5: Most recent person you’ve called?

A5: Parents

Q6: The fashion items you like recently?

A6: Shirts, skinny jeans

Q7: With whom did you recently take photos with?

A7: Members

Q8: What did you buy recently that made you happy?

A8: Junk food

Q9: Recent hair colour?

A9: Dark brown, is my hair nice after cutting it?

Q10: Most recent dream?

A10: Forgot about it already….


Q11: Favourite leisure activity?

A11: Playing basketball, watching movies

Q12: Favourite movie actors?

A12: Actors with good acting skills such as Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro etc

Q13: When do you feel that you are most sexy?

A13: Before I go to sleep, when I’m washing my face and brushing my teeth, because my face isn’t swollen then

Q14: Ideal type of girl?

A14: Someone who is more filial, considerate, best is that she can cook, but I don’t really have a fixed type.

Q15: Favourite aspect of yourself?

A15: My height

Q16: What kind of fashion do you like to see on girls?

A16: No fixed type, not exaggerated and loud, simple and comfortable would be good enough.

Q17: Favourite genre of books?

A17: Self-improvement

Q18: What do you do when you’re unhappy?

A18: Sleep, or be alone.

Q19: Favourite fashion style?

A19: T-shirt, jeans

Q20: Do you like to watch horror movies?

A20: I do watch them but I don’t particularly like them.


Q21: The places that you go frequently?

A21: Dormitory/home, practice rooms, occasionally will go to the cinemas with the members

Q22: Any weird habits?

A22: Tend to talk in many languages when I’m sleeptalking

Q23: The aspect of yourself that you think you are better than your members

A23: Multilingual.

Q24: Do you laze in bed/refuse to get up in the mornings?

A24: Yes, usually for about 20mins before getting up.

Q25: Do you live with your family or members?

A25: Members

Q26: Do you share items with your members?

A26: Yes, usually socks.

Q27: How often do you wash your clothes?

A27: Every day, because I tend to sweat more.

Q28: What do the members do that you can’t stand?

A28: Aegyo, because I will give in easily.

Q29: Do you think that you are the type who are popular among girls in real life?

A29: Maybe… I don’t know (blushes)

Q30: What do you like to do when you’re at home alone?

A30: Read books, sleep


Q31: The age you were when you debuted?

A31: 22

Q32: The first work you did after your debut?


Q33: The first video you appeared in?

A33: SNSD’s 2nd tour in Taiwan video

Q34: The most unforgettable memory of growing up?

A34: When I was a trainee

Q35: Your aspiration when you were a kid?

A35: To be a singer

Q36: Your reaction when you found out that you were going to debut?

A36: “Really? What am I going to do?”

Q37: The most difficult task/work you have received so far?

A37: None so far, I enjoy doing them

Q38: The part of your childhood you miss most?

A38: When I was a kid, living with my parents

Q39: Your favourite cartoon charcter when you were young?

A39: Superman

Q40: The most hurtful sentence you’ve heard?

A40: “You’re really useless.”


Q41: If you had a 2-week break, what will you do?

A41: Go back and visit my parents

Q42: If you could change a part of your body, which part would it be?

A42: None, the body my parents gave me are perfect.

Q43: If you were to become a Super Junior member, you would..?

A43: Feel really stressed

Q44: In the future would you want a daughter or son first?

A44: Daughter first

Q45: If a billion dollars dropped from the sky for you, what will you do?

A45: Buy a big and comfortable house for my parents.

Q46: If you lost your way during a vacation, what will you do?

A46: Ask the passers-by for help

Q47: If you could choose your gender, would you be a male or female?

A47: Male

Q48: If your parents wanted you to get married tomorrow, how will you face it?

A48: Go ahead with their wishes

Q49: If you are attacked with vicious comments from antis, what will you do?

A49: Pretend that I didn’t see anything and continue being myself

Q50: If you had a girlfriend, what is the first thing that you want to do?

A50: Introduce her to my parents.

Source: 三星爱疯_吖四 @ weibo via 吴亦凡吧-KrisBar @ weibo

Translated by : WeiTing @ 901106.net

Take out with full credits!


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