Son Ho Young’s girlfriend revealed to have commited suicide in his car


Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

His girlfriend was discovered dead in his car with an empty bottle of sleeping pills, three charcoals, and a suicide note. The suicide note revealed that she had been suffering from debt. She is not a celebrity and had been dating Son Ho Young for about a year. They had frequent fights recently due to Son Ho Young being busy with his album production but reps assured that it wasn’t enough to have impacted her suicide.

1. [+664, -41] Seeing as how her debt is the most likely reason for her suicide, I don’t think journalists should focus on her petty fights with Son Ho Young as the cause. The media keeps mentioning it and that will only make netizens focus on that point only when it’s just one of many investigations going on.

2. [+254, -18] Celebrities are people too. His girlfriend just died and the only person having the hardest time out of this entire ordeal is Son Ho Young himself. People should refrain from hateful comments or suspicions.

3. [+235, -23] Son Ho Young probably gifted the car to her. Just because the car is under his name doesn’t mean he’s the cause of her suicide. It’s not too late to wait for the results of the investigations.

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate

1. [+324, -24] The fact that his girlfriend borrowed his car to commit suicide in is as much shock to completely break down your brain… but just because he’s a celebrity, the media is digging into all sorts of details they have no business in, which is only creating rumors that are killing both him and her twice…

2. [+298, -35] Why would she do that in someone else’s car…

3. [+281, -26] I don’t know how hard she had it before she died but I can’t imagine the shock Son Ho Young is going through right now;;; How could she do this to him?

credit:netizen buzz


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