Current state of Block B’s related search terms

Instiz: Block B’s recent related search terms…

Naver: Block B
“This is really too much…”

“How could they call them murderers…”

“Murderer idols..”

“What crime did Block B commit? Having things like this pop up on their related search terms is so damaging to their image..”

“People aren’t even bothering to find out more about the issue and are just naming them murderers..”

“Okay yeah, murderer idols is taking it too far.”

“Netizens are just stepping over the line now.”

“I hope the members aren’t on the internet for a while… Imagine how upsetting it is for the parents to have to see this.”

“I can see why the CEO would be in the related, but really? Suicide? Murderer idols? How are the members supposed to feel when they look at that?”

cr:instiz netizen buzz


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