Something charismatic about you: Talented vocalist who looks good in eye liner.

Thoughts on birthday (6th May the is the day of the interview as well): Really excited about the fact that the photo shoot and interview falls on my birthday as well. I would like to listen to SOUL STAR’s ‘Happy birthday’ on a day like this. It would be great if the fans can sing it for me.

Comeback album hint: Learning for 8 hrs a day, and self practice for 4 hrs a day. Because we’ve been away for a long period of time, so hopefully everyone is prepared to see a different, more charismatic side of us.

The compliment that you wish to hear: Indeed! This is why they took a long time to prepare this album!

When you search for yourself on the net: It surprises me to see pre-debut photos of everyone on the net. I’ve come to the painful realisation that, my cheeks are getting fatter and fatter…

Commented? Or not?: I have this fierce urge to make a comment every time some one says that I’m shorter than SUHO or CHEN hyung.

Every time you look into the mirror: I’ll check to see if my face is swollen. Especially when I look at CHANYEOL’s eyes and I’ll get upset because my eyes are small, but overall my face is good enough.

If you have to introduce one member to your cousin/sister: Handsome and mature leader SUHO hyung. As for the reason why I won’t introduce the other members, I’ll just keep it to myself.

Ideal type: Kind, well mannered, good looking women that smells good.

If you were to confess: I’ll buy fake flowers and kneel in front of her saying “These are man made flowers, I really like you a lot, want to date me?” (*Baekhyun made a pun on ‘man-made flowers(zo hua)’ and ‘I like you a lot(zo a)’ in Korean which of course, doesn’t make any sense once its translated to english.)

If you were the protagonist of a movie for 7 days: I’d be the kind of arrogant and rich young men who will turn over a new leaf after he meets the honest and intelligent women that will change him.

Member’s secret: SUHO hyung will complain about being in a lot of pain for a month even if its just a small scratch or bruise.

To all the other members: Can we be just a little bit more clean and tidy?

Guide to ‘using’ BAEKHYUN: After we become close friends I won’t be able to stop talking. Don’t be stressed out when that happens, just calmly hold my mouth shut. When I’m tired I’ll space out. That means I’m charging myself. During that period of time don’t touch me, but that period time lasts for 10 minutes only.

Original Chinese trans by 海天月夜
English trans by Planet_exo


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