Something charismatic about you: EXO’s maknae, and somehow I became the aegyo in charge.

As the youngest among the 12 guys: I am adored by the hyungs because I’m the youngest. Even if I’m given a chance to be born again I would want to be EXO’s maknae.

Banmal game time: Not long ago during my birthday party I was given 10 minutes of Banmal game time, and I just went on without thinking. It feels like I wouldn’t be part of this planet anymore if I continue playing the game so, I’m back to being the lovely maknae.

What kind of super powers would you like to have: The ability to change emotions. It hurts to see the people you love upset.

Ideal type: Someone who will rush over to help me apply medicine and is genuinely worried for me when I’m injured. And Miranda Kerr.

If you were to confess: At the beach when there’s fireworks. I’ll grab her hands and say “I can’t live without you. I’ll love you until I’m dead.” Are you curling up into a ball now??? I think it will sound more romantic if I’m a little bit older.

Member’s secret: Suho hyung cannot watch scary stuff. He claims that he can but he avoids watching by surfing the net.

When you go to a shop: Biscuits and chocolate, and I’ll head to the jelly counter first.

If you can steal another member’s good trait: BAEKHYUN’s humor, the milky white skin that KAI hides underneath his clothes, CHANYEOL’s happy personality, D.O. ‘s beautiful smile, SUHO’s honesty…but not SUHO’s stiff body. (hyung I’m joking) It wuld be greedy of me if I steal all the good traits from the other members, so I’ll just have to live well with my charisma.

Something that’s been bothering you lately: I’ve been thinking about what to wear so that I’ll look good before I go to sleep and when I’m awake.

When I’m sexy: After I come out of the shower admiring my make-up free self in the mirror. Even if that wasn’t sexy at least that was handsome. Because I’m the only one looking at it.

3 good things about SEHUN: Laughs often, warm heart, collar bones.

Guide to ‘using’ SEHUN: I can’t control myself when I’m excited. So I’ll be grateful if you can tolerate me and show understanding when I’m noisy. Because my blood type is O, I can get upset when a lot of people finds fault in me, so please bear with me.

Original Chinese trans by 海天月夜
English trans by Planet_exo


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