Something charismatic about you: Vocalist whose Chinese name means ‘Morning’ and ‘Deer’. I’m the lead dancer too. Nationality Chinese.

Thoughts on EXO OT12: Everyday is fun like a class during break time. But the practice room becomes out of control by 12 times too. However once we start practicing everyone will become different and the passion that we put into practice is multiplied by 12 times too!

Show off EXO’s comeback album: Our performance will be really unique. Because this album is a secret project so shush!

Break time: Went back to my hometown in China not long ago. I fulfilled my duty and responsibility as the only child.

What are you unsatisfied with when you look into the mirror: I am satisfied with the way my parents made me.

When am I the manliest: All the time. But when I’m playing soccer, my manliness goes up!

The nickname ‘crazy frog’: That’s just TAO’s opinion.

If you can communicate with a member (Sehun) with telepathy right now: Want to get bubble milk tea after this interview?

LUHAN’s Korean class, the phrases that you use frequently: ‘Aigoo’ whenever I’m surprised, upset, or worried. This word can be used anywhere. Lastly I use ‘HEL’ quite frequently too. (‘HEL’ is said to show shock/surprise, not ‘HELL’)

Treasured items: The RPG game that I’m addicted to recently, and my computer used to surf the net. The bed that belongs only to me, and my cupboard full of things. Especially my bed. Hopefully people will avoid going onto that bed.

During interviews: I’ll look for my photos. If fans take good pictures of me it makes me happy. I am grateful for everything.

How you’ll confess: It will be on a street at night with no one else around. I’ll give her flowers and a kiss. (OHMGEE)

When you accept a confession: It will be nice if she can cook for me. As for the menu, because I’m more of a carnivore, as long as there’s meat I’ll like it.

3 reasons why LUHAN would make a good boyfriend: Nice personality. I’ll protect you no matter when what or where. And I’m good looking. Of course the last one was a joke.

To the fans: Thank you for waiting patiently for our comeback. Love you all sincerely.

Guide to ‘using’ LUHAN: When I’m tired, please give me care and concern. ‘Are you tired? Keep fighting’ is enough for me. I am the kind of person that can be filled with energy again with words like these. Although I’m not close to strangers, but I’ll gradually open up to you.

Original Chinese trans by 海天月夜
English trans by Planet_exo


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