Something charismatic about you: The playful maknae that has a personality that does not match his cold looking exterior. Nationality Chinese.

Break time: Eating, exercising, preparing for the new album. Repeat the above mentioned activities.

Thoughts on EXO OT12: Performance choreography takes up more space. There’s more energy in it too. Practice becomes more enjoyable because everyone is together, and there’s a improvement in team work.

Known to cry a lot: Used to cry often, its different now. The last time I cried was a few days ago, when I went back to China for a break. I cried on the plane back to Korea because I realised that I won’t be able to see my parents and friends for a long time again. Actually, no one’s supposed to know that.

If you can use the ability Time Control: If I see bad people doing bad things, I’ll hand him over to the police, or advice him not to do it again. I always wish to slow down time when I see beautiful women, so that I can stare at them a little bit longer. (TAO STOP, PLS)

The super power that you would like to have: Time Control no matter what.

Banmal game time: I would like to say to Suho hyung, ‘Suho ah, get me some food.’ The point of the game is to say Banmal freely. Actually Suho hyung is really nice to me. Because of that I like him a lot and wish to speak freely to him.

Ideal type: It would be good if she’s pretty and kind. I am attracted to women that shows little to no interest of me. I wonder why?

Reasons why TAO would make a good boyfriend: Polite, sexy, expert in martial arts. And I’m both rich in intelligence and savings. I have the ‘bad boy’ qualities of AB type men too. I am full of energy like roller coasters, you won’t get bored with me around. (Take note, TAO’s blood type is AB)

TAO’s tips to taking selcas: Take more. You need to figure out the angle that looks best by yourself.

To TAO sexy is: Is a thing I’m born with?

To the sexy TAO his eye bags are: Without my eye bags, I wouldn’t be TAO.

To the future TAO: All dreams will come true eventually. FIGHTING.

Guide to ‘using’ TAO: Unable to make the first move. Thus, please make the first move and approach me passionately. It might take you a bit of time to become mine (my friend), but please do take up this challenge. Please do.

Original Chinese trans by 海天月夜
English trans by Planet_exo


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