“Nichkhun’s scandal was covered up by T-ara and we’ve been getting a lot of random and unnecessary articles about Nichkhun this morning about how he was with the accident victim (as if that wasn’t what he should’ve been doing anyway?) and how both were to blame for the cause of the accident (emphasizing that the victim was also to blame, but in car accidents, there aren’t one sided blames to begin with).

As it turned out, this morning’s broadcast featured a testimony by a witness to the accident. Nichkhun, who claimed that he had knelt down and prayed, had actually come out of his car 1-2 minutes after the accident and ignored the bleeding victim 5 meters away from him to go and buy himself a drink at the nearest convenience store. It wasn’t until later that Nichkhun returned to check on the victim. He did not pray at all.”

Comments by netizens who saw the broadcast:

“Someone needs to upload the screencaps to this broadcast. It shows that Nichkhun got out of the car 2 minutes after the accident, looked like he didn’t know what to do, and then went off to buy a drink. He didn’t pray at all. It was the witness that went and checked on the victim!!”

“I saw the broadcast as well and the testimony said that he got out of the car after 2 minutes, went to the convenience store to buy a drink, and then police went inside the store to prevent him from drinking (the hangover drink) and had him tested and arrested on the spot. He did not pray. It was the witness who checked on the victim who had already fainted.”

“The main point for me was that he didn’t pray. Another witness came out and said that Nichkhun just looked like he was lost and that he didn’t pray. It was the witness and several other people who stepped in to call 119 and 112. And when they were asked about the rumors of the victim pretending to faint after seeing it was Nichkhun, they said that the victim didn’t even know who Nichkhun was and that he had already fainted by that point so he couldn’t check any faces.”

Screencaps of the show with the witness testimonies:

Witness: I tried to get near him (Nichkhun) to smell if he had drank or not

Witness: But he just left to go into the convenience store and bought two drinks.

Witness: I think he had heard that if you drink those (hangover drinks) that it’d reflect a lower result on the blood alcohol test.

Reporter: Is it true that Nichkhun bought drinks here?
Convenience Store Owner: Yes, he did.

Witness: When the police asked him if he had drank, his Korean sounded awkward.

Witness: He said, “Yes, a little bit” when the police asked him to blow into the test.

1. So Nichkhun basically went off to buy two hangover drinks in hopes of not getting caught on the test

To purposely try to get a lower result on the blood alcohol test, he went into the convenience store immediately after the accident to buy two hangover drinks. In front of all the witnesses. Even the worker who had worked at the convenience store testified that he had bought two drinks. How could he have thought to buy drinks when the victim was lying there…?

2. Other witnesses criticize him

According to witnesses, his car was going at an extremely fast speed. They criticized him saying that he could’ve lost a life had he screwed up just a bit more.

3. Nichkhun pretended he wasn’t adept at Korean to the police

When police asked him if he had drank, Nichkhun was said to have pretended to not be good at Korean and just said, “Yes, a little.” Other witnesses said that his Korean also sounded very off.


The rest of the post list screencaps where Nichkhun admits on Radio Star to using his “weapon as a foreigner” by pretending to not be good at Korean when he’s in a situation where he doesn’t want to answer when in actuality, he’s fluent in Korean enough to mix swears into his speech, etc.

There are also screencaps of letters he wrote to Victoria in fluent Korean. OP also goes on to criticize him for using the same “weapon tactic” by writing his apology for the scandal in English (which JYP translated to Korean for the Korean fans) when he’s obviously fluent enough in Korean.



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