During T-ara N4’s guesting on ‘Beatles Code’, Hyomin claimed that the rumors claiming she was expelled and forced to transfer schools due to committing school violence was false. She explained that her mother requested she transfer to another school because of her high ardor for her studies.

Netizens found that her explanation was false because in 2011, she voted in Seoul, and in Seoul, students are prohibited from transferring schools within the same district unless it’s for a special reason like expulsion for school violence/crime or by recommendation of the school. She could not have transferred from Geumok to Mokil simply because her mother wanted her to
1. [+205, -1] She should stay quiet unless she wants to be bullied too

2. [+160, -0] I downloaded the episode and watched it and it was so scary how they all dropped tears like that… I usually feel sympathy when I see people cry on TV but with them, I just got goose bumps…

3. [+158, -4] I feel bad for them at this point… All they get is hate no matter how much they want to continue their careers… I get the pain of all the hate they’re receiving but they seemed like b*tches even before their bullying scandal broke out. They even got so much work done on their faces… I hope they stop promoting in Korea. When they were on Dream Team, they ruined my perfectly good morning… My dongseng is an avid fan of the show and she just turned the TV off without hesitation that day.

“I can’t believe anything she says anymore..”

“What is wrong with her…”

“There really is no end to their lies, huh..”

“She underestimated the netizens…”

“They should really just stay away from TV period, they know it’s nothing good for their careers.”

“Not like any of us believed them anyway.”

“Has she forgotten already how scary netizens are?”

“This is true. My friend transferred to another school but she can’t transfer back unless she completely moves out of the district and then reapplies.”

“Just the fact that she said her friends were iljins but she somehow wasn’t says it all.”


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