[Trans] Leeteuk’s message sent in the army to Yesung

Our members, Yesungie, is preparing to join the army, I want to say something to him to cheer him up . Honestly, now Yesungie feel very anxious. He kept saying stuffs like he does not know if he could continue to live. , I had thought the same before , but when you are here (the army), all everyone can do it. So …. Although our Yesungie looks like is not Ok right now.. But when he joins the army and knows that other people feel the same way, time will pass very quickly. Before our Yesungie enlistment, he worked very hard for our activities. So (When you joins the army) only need to work hard and learn, and everything will be fine. Yesung ah …. Cheer up! ♥

(cr: habipark) v:SJsSapphireBlue
Yesung, ELF will always waiting you ^_^


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