130506 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook and Henry [Transcript] | Part 2

Ryeowook “When I was in elementary, there was a friend (who is a girl) that sat in front of me. and I kept making fun of her. I even followed her to her house while making fun of her, and her little brother came out. and he hit me. He was like ‘GO AWAY!’. I felt hurt, because I was hyung… and he was smaller than me.. but he hit me.”

Ryeowook “Henry-ssi has an older brother and a little sister.”
Guest “do you guys look alike?”
Henry “No, we don’t look alike.”
Ryeowook “Henry-ssi’s hyung is really handsome. Very tall…”
Henry “and have big eyes…”
Guest “How old is he?”
Ryeowook “same age as me!”

Ryeowook “I met Henry-ssi’s brother once in Taiwan. When he smiled, I saw that he smiled like Henry-ssi.”
Henry “Really?”
Ryeowook “Yes.^^”

Ryeowook “Henry-ssi, did you go to same school as your hyung?”
Henry “Yes.. with my little sister too.”
Ryeowook “did anything happen with your siblings involved when you were in school?”
Henry “no but recently… We are doing world tour and… sometimes anti-fans write bad messages. one day, i checked my facebook, and my sister was fighting with the antis. I saw that, and felt touched.”

Ryeowook “Eunhyuk-ssi told me yesterday… ‘why do you DJ without any suspense in some parts?’ so I’m trying to add suspense. The ‘winner’ today is…. /drum roll/…”

Sukira played It has to be you
Ryeowook “He went today.. I will miss him. He looked good in short hairstyle too. Before he went, in the chat room, all of our members said ‘Go and return safely!’. Donghae-ssi and Kangin-ssi said they drank tea with him last night to talk… and few days ago, we all went to eat together. He will get trained and return well…”

Ryeowook said he is very tired and will sleep after Sukira today.

Credit: @NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7


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